Don't Let Your Office Carpet Get Dingy

Don't Let Your Office Carpet Get Dingy

Choose our commercial carpet cleaning services in the Glendale, Peoria or Phoenix, AZ areas

Now more than ever, it’s important to provide a clean place for your employees and clients. Part of keeping your workplace clean means removing dirt and germs from your carpet. Getting commercial carpet cleaning services can help you do just that. Benocular Floor Cleaning Services, LLC cleans carpet in Glendale, AZ and surrounding areas, including Peoria and Glendale.

We also offer:

  • Commercial tile cleaning services
  • Commercial grout cleaning services
  • Commercial upholstery cleaning services

For a free estimate on commercial tile cleaning services or our other services, call 602-410-3388 right away. We’ll clean your tile floors, carpets or upholstery for a competitive price.

Refresh your stone floor's polished look

In addition to commercial carpet cleaning services, you can also rely on us for stone restoration and sealing services. Your floors will look like new with scuffs polished away and color sealed in. Ask about our services for stone today.