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Upholstery Cleaning in Phoenix, Glendale & Peoria, AZ

We Clean Upholstery So You Don't Have To

At Benocular Floor Cleaning Services, LLC, we understand that cleaning furniture is low on your want-to-do list and probably high on your need-to-do list. Take the chore out of cleaning your furniture or vehicle upholstery by hiring our cleaning crew. We will clean fabrics in your:

  • Home
  • Boat
  • Car
  • RV

Don’t put off your upholstery cleaning another day. Schedule an appointment with your cleaning professionals in Phoenix, Glendale & Peoria, AZ today.

We sell upholstery cleaning services by the foot

Did you know we can keep our upholstery cleaning services affordable by only charging you for what you need? We sell our cleaning services by the square foot, so if you only need a portion of your car upholstery or favorite chair cleaned, you won't have to pay for the whole thing.

Call 602-410-3388 today to learn more about our upholstery cleaning services by the foot.